English as a passport to a job position and every young person’s dream life

There was a recent article on the site of kariera about the importance of English in finding a job. The article argues that English is more than necessary as it allows for a broader spectrum for communication in the working environment and management of existing and potential clients.


Although companies are now staffed by particularly talented people (excellent computer knowledge use, university degrees, Master’s degrees and PhDs), English still counts as the number one prerequisite required by most employers. Besides, satisfactory knowledge of the English language proved by a B2 level certificate is considered to be of major importance. In fields such as sales or business management the ability to convince or develop argumentation in English is considered as granted.


According to another research conducted recently online, the highest paid jobs require daily use of the English language both in and outside the work place (e.g. business trips). 


For purposes of illustration it is noted that the lowest salary in the E.U.  is about 14.000 euros annually. Excellent knowledge of the English language may only be proved by presenting a C2 level certificate and through relevant (written and oral) examinations.


Understanding the demands of the market place, Real specialize in teaching the English language and prepare all young people for their professional success within reasonable time.


Dr. P Oikonomopoulos

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