Real Education’s exclusive vision is to maximize the education provided in every corner of our social fabric.

Our goal is to contribute to our students’ accreditation and to enrich their knowledge and skills so they can be more prepared for the increasingly competitive context of the modern marketplace.

Parallelly with the progression of science and technology, the required knowledge of every member of our society expands. At first it sounds difficult, but the beauty of education and knowledge never fades from the human eyes.

For this reason, Real Education group sustains a continuous interaction between management, teachers and students, and altogether we observe the evolution of the market and optimize education respectively and continuously increase our educational offerings.

More specifically, we have created programs so flexible and creative that we can maximize the learning experience of the student both in terms of quality and time, and that our teachers are constantly evolving.

In terms of our educational proposals, striving to keep on pace with market demands and provide our students with the maximum educational experience, our range of educational proposals now include:

  • Learning English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian
  • Computing and Informatics
  • Robotics
  • Business English
  • Digital marketing
  • Educational trips

The strategic plan of the Real Education Group is to establish 30 self-owned training centres by 2022.

And then, when the Greek market has given us the appropriate knowledge and experience, we will be proud to found an international educational group fully up-to-date with international standards and fully-fledged with market requirements, always carrying the Greek flag in front.

Education has been, is and will always be an essential keystone of our democracy and our social fabric, and that is why we must all honour it together.

Konstantinos Spinos,

Vice – President Real Education Group