Real Foundation was born in September 2009, a time when Greece felt the first strong turbulence of the forthcoming financial crisis. Despite the hard times and the difficult financially and socially situations that surrounded it, Real Foundation managed to achieve a rapid development in the Greek market.

I am convinced that the greatest success of Real Foundation is that it managed to turn its motto into a reality: Per aspera ad astra. This is exactly the message that it has managed to transfer to all its students: You can reach the top through personal effort, continuous struggling, professionalism and consistency. All hardships are expected to come on your way but at the same time they make your achievements even more valuable.

Today, seven years later, people would normally expect from us to boast about our past success and our quick development, like it normally happens in similar cases. Yet, once more we choose the hard path and we decide to look to the future being aware of new difficulties and obstacles we are due to face. Real Foundation numbers a huge number of branches throughout Greece and covers the whole area of Attica, in almost every municipality, setting higher and higher goals for more schools inside and outside Europe in order to inspire more students, young people and executives.

At the same time, under the aegis of Real there is a significant number of extra services:

Foreign languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic).

Computer Science, ECDL

Academic Studies in the United Kingdom.

This way the term foreign education gets a new dimension, it becomes multi-colorful and accompanies each student from his early school years till the end of his professional life.

I invite you to surf our site and give us in the near future the chance to get to know us better.

Join the team who dares!

P. Oikonomopoulos
Network Development Manager