ONLY English is spoken at Real

Real have adopted the approach that ONLY English should be spoken inside the premises of the centre by teachers, secretaries and students. Our goal is to immerse students into a small English-speaking universe.


Teachers are native speakers

It is mandatory for all Real students of levels Senior B and higher to have two teachers, one of which is a native speaker of the English language. Our goal is to teach our young students to speak English.


Interactive Boards for ALL lessons

All lessons are delivered through interactive boards. The contents of the textbooks which are used by our teachers have been digitally transferred to the interactive boards. This allows students to better comprehend the lesson and enjoy every minute of it.




For all levels from Pre-Junior to Lower Real have selected textbooks by the largest Greek and foreign publishing houses which are also available as e-books.  Our goal is to allow students to study interactively. Every student receives his/her own copy of the e-book to take home.


Language Lab

At the end of the lesson students go to a dedicated room of the RCE and through computer-based exercises practice what they were just taught in class.

Through constant repetition and in a pleasant manner, such as the use of a computer, we achieve the goal of full comprehension of the material taught.




Students enjoy e-blocks so much that they don’t want the lesson to end. Never before have students attended English lessons with such motivation and eagerness. The time spent at the centre becomes a pleasure.

E-blocks are used by our young students and are connected to an interactive board. The projected images change as the children interact with the e-blocks and create a magical atmosphere inside the classroom.




RCE, pioneers in innovation, have created a dedicated exercise platform on which students can exercise on the material taught in class, all year long and around the clock.  10,000 exercises are available to all of our students.

The exercises are then corrected by the student’s teacher and the solutions are explained by the teacher to the student.


TGM Method

The Director of the Centre working in in collaboration with the teachers continuously monitors the progress of every student in order to identify any gaps in knowledge and areas of weakness and help the student overcome them immediately.  To us early identification is the key to efficient remediation.


Complementary Class

If the performance of student is detected to demonstrate a weakness in the English learning process (e.g. in a grammatical phenomenon), then the student is required to take complementary class (sometimes even on a one-to-one basis) so that he/she overcomes his/her weakness.


Conversation with a native speaker

As early as junior classes students regularly take lessons where conversations are held between students and a native speaker teacher. We aim to initiate students into an English way of thinking so that they express themselves accordingly.



University of Cambridge: YLE, PET, KET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS
University of Michigan: ECCE, ECPE
ETS (Educational Testing Service): Toefl Junior, Toefl, Toeic
HAU (Hellenic American University): BCCE, ALCE


Summer Courses