Real English: Is this the best way to learn English?

We believe it is!

RCE offer unique English learning programs, at spaces with a magical atmosphere..

We combine the power of our human resources (teachers, managers, and secretariat)

with state-of-the-art technology.

There is a magical atmosphere in all Real centres. Our staff creates it, our students and sometimes their parents enjoy it.


The Real Centre English (RCE) method is unique and leaves no room for failure to any student.

It employs two basic elements:

  • Technology
  • Human  Resources

All technological resources which are used (interactive boards, e-blocks, computer-based exercises, intranet etc.) are 100% at the service of students. They are combined with the RCE human resources to form the TGM method (Trace Gap Method).

The RCE method is grounded in the theory “In order to learn English one must speak English”.

At RCE lessons are taught in English starting even as early as Junior classes.

There are 3 learning cycles:

Α. For children (4-18 years old)

B. For students

C. For adults (18-65+ years old)