Real English Institute aims to offer the BEST quality in English Language Teaching to all students.

Apart from all certificates we provide, we intend to teach our students to speak English fluently. In order to achieve this we:

  • have created unique pioneering programmes, e.g. Τhe absolute R. programme.
  • have built a significant number of English schools all over Greece owned by the parent company, which are 100% controlled by the Headquarters.
  •  have been specialized only in English Language Teaching.

In general, the strategic plan of Real English Institute is to complete its development in Greece by 2019 creating 18 branches in total in selected areas by the parent company. Soon after that, we aim to create new branches abroad also controlled by the parent company.

Our vision is to give Real English Institute the leading role in foreign education abroad within the next ten years.

It is high time a small Greek company proved itself to be better than a number of multi-national language associations abroad.

General Manager
Real English Institute