Who can guarantee you an over 30% yield today?


Here at REAL we believe we can.


REAL ENGLISH offer unique programmes and are the most efficient way to learn English. Our method is unique and utilizes both high technology and human resources.


Why English?


REAL ENGLISH are specialised in teaching the English language, the most valuable tool for any form of modern-day communication.


We aim to provide a reliable, complete and ever evolving education in the very demanding and highly competitive field of English.


The excellent knowledge of our subject, the ongoing training of our teachers on modern educational methods, an ideal learning environment providing spacious, elegant rooms and high security and our material and technical infrastructure ensure that you make the most successful investment at the lower possible cost.


It is the global language.

Over 1.5 billion people on earth are English speakers.

Every year more than 30 million people in the world learn English and over 30 billion euros are spent for this purpose.

English has a very large target group. It includes young students who are still in school, university students who didn’t manage to complete their English studies earlier and adults who need English in their professional careers.


People will never stop learning English.


Why Real Centre of English?


Our philosophy is rooted in the belief “In order to learn English one must speak in English”.


We offer unique programs, which are student friendly and most efficient. This is why we had 100% success at the 2011-2012 Cambridge Lower and Proficiency examinations.


We have designed different learning circles for children and adults. We welcome 21st English learning by utilizing high technology.


We guide Franchisees through all steps, from the beginning until the new REAL ENGLISH centre has been founded and all through its operation as well.


We have collaborated with many companies, after having conducted thorough research, in order to ensure that franchisees set up their centre at the most favorable prices.


Then we offer ongoing support through

  • Daily telephone contact between General Director and franchisee
  • Regular visits by the General Director or his/her team to the centre.
  • Weekly franchisee- General Director meetings
  • Monthly franchisee- General Director Boards
  • Guidelines- Monitoring all promotional activities of the centre in its area


Investment costs for a REAL ENGLISH centre range between 35.000€ and 63.000€, inclusive of entry fees, construction costs, furniture costs, interactive boards, e-blocks, computers etc.


A centre of English is a pretty safe investment considering, that people will never stop educating themselves and trying to make the world a better place.


We give franchisees the ability to set up one or multiple centres of English in any part of their desired Municipality, not just a restricted part thereof.


Download here: Franchise Leaflet