( Business Language Testing Service)

Online test for English language certification

The test which certifies candidates’ knowledge in sections: Reading, Language Use and Listening up to the highest level (C2-Proficiency).

Common European Framework ASEP  BULATS Score (100) Cambridge ESOL Exam
C2 (Proficiency) Excellent knowledge 90-100 CPE
C1 (Advanced) Very good knowledge 75-89 CAE
B2 (Vantage) Good knowledge 60-74 FCE
B1 (Threshold) Average knowledge 40-59 PET
A2 (Waystage) Elementary 20-39 ΚΕΤ
Α1 (Breakthrough) Beginner knowledge 0-19


  • Recognised by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP)
  • Up to 90 minutes testing time
  • Immediate results
  • Certification for all levels (A1 to C2)

Ideal for

  • Recruiting civil personnel
  • University students and working persons

The tests are administered by the Cambridge University ESOL Examination, a global English language knowledge assessment organisation.

How does the BULATS test work?

BULATS is based on an adaptive evaluation system, which can be suited to the language skills of the candidates, whatever their current language level. Questions are displayed by the computer through a series of screens and, as the test proceeds, the software selects the questions put to the candidates by means of immediate and constant analysis of their performance. As a result the test becomes progressively simpler or more difficult until the level of language skills of the candidates is coherently and reliably determined. In this way BULATS is able to determine the precise language level of the candidates and supply immediate results.

What does BULATS test?

The computer test assesses listening and reading skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Candidates are presented with an extensive range of different question types, such as multiple-choice questions, listening and reading exercises, all relating closely to the world of work. Candidates can choose to take the Computer Test, the Speaking Test or the Writing Test, or any combination of these 3 tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a minimum age limit for taking the BULATS test?

Candidates must be 17 years old or older.

2. What level is BULATS?

BULATS provides tests for learners of English at all levels. Candidates are placed at one of six levels. These levels are known as ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) Levels and are linked to the Council of Europe Framework (CEFR) levels. Candidates also receive an overall score.

3. Is BULATS available in English?


4. How long does the test last?

The Computer Test lasts up to 90 minutes depending on the level of the candidate.

5. How are the results reported?

BULATS results are available immediately and all candidates receive an analytical profile of their language skills which includes the candidates’ overall score, a score for each section of the test (listening, reading and grammar/vocabulary) and description of the candidates’ expected skills at a specific level .

6. How is the Overall BULATS score calculated?

The overall BULATS score is not simply an average of the different section scores. The program uses encrypted tables to calculate the overall score as there is different weighting attached to each section. If a result on the Listening section is 50 for example, and the score for the Reading and Language Knowledge section is 60, it will not necessarily follow that the overall result will be 55.

7. How long is BULATS valid for?

ASEP and the Greek State hold BULATS valid for life.

8. How do I prepare for BULATS?

Candidates need no special preparation in order to take the test since only a quick demonstration of current ability is required. However, there are a several textbooks available which could be used to prepare candidates for the test.

9. How many candidates take the BULATS test in Greece each year?

BULATS was recognised by ASEP in the second half of 2008. Each year an increasing number of over 2,000 candidates register for the test.


10. When can I take BULATS?

BULATS can be taken on specific dates every month, or on dates booked on demand by contacting the Real Centre of English.


11. Is business knowledge required in order to take the test?

No. It is not a business test but a communication test.

12. What is the test fee?

95 Euros.

13. Do candidates receive a certificate?

Yes. Candidates receive a University of Cambridge ESOL Examination certification, whatever the level at which they are ranked.