ONLY English is spoken at Real

Real have adopted the approach that ONLY English should be spoken inside the centre by teachers, secretaries and students. Our goal is to build a small English-speaking universe.


Teachers are native speakers.

It is mandatory for all Real adult students to have teachers, who are native speakers of the English language. This is because we place great focus on our students thinking and speaking in English only.


Lessons delivered using Interactive Content

The RCE Direction of Studies has carefully selected the books which are going to be used by the adult students of the RCE so that the book material lends itself to interactive study.

Lessons delivered through interactive content help students better process the knowledge they are acquiring and are far more pleasant and efficient than traditional teaching.


Computer-based exercises

At the end of the lesson adult students go to a dedicated room of the RCE and practice on the content which they were just taught in class through computer-based exercises.

Through constant repetition and in a pleasant manner, such as the use of a computer, we achieve the goal of comprehension of the material taught.



RCE have created a dedicated exercise platform on which adult students can exercises on what they were just taught in class, all year long and around the clock.  10,000 exercises available to our students in order to help them easier comprehend grammatical phenomena, vocabulary etc.


Complementary Class

If the performance of an adult student is detected to demonstrate a weakness in the English learning process (e.g. in a grammatical phenomenon), then the student needs to take complementary class (sometimes even on a one-to-one basis) so that he/she overcomes his/her weakness.


Real Social Club

Adult students follow a specialized program, the Real Social Club, in order to achieve their desired communication level. The program is driven by the desired conversational level to be reached, therefore all teachers are native speakers.

There are 4 levels to The Real Social Club:

RS40 (10 weeks)
RS60 (15 weeks)
RS80 (20 weeks)
RS100 (25 weeks)


In order to follow the program students must have attained a basic level of English. Students who are at a beginner level are to follow basic level English lessons (Beginners).

WE ARE PIONEERS in creating special conversation-only programs designed to meet the needs of adults who want to hold a conversation and communicate efficiently.



There is a general impression that it is extremely difficult to master a foreign language after a certain age. At REAL we say NO, IT IS NOT, provided that it is done in the right way.  Our experiential learning teaching method is a departure from the traditional teaching practice (teacher, books, board). At Real, English becomes part of your everyday life. Being present in an English-speaking room, using the Internet and continually interacting with native speakers, all aim to make English a lived experience.



In  the context of the above -mentioned method Real organize a travel abroad two times a year in order for the student to be exposed to an English-speaking environment and get to experience firsthand the English language and culture.



One-to-one programmes are a personalized version of the Real Programs tailored to the actual needs of a student.

Popular programs include RCE 64, RCE 100.

Beginners gain adequate knowledge of the English language in 10 months.




Lower, ECCE: Beginners gain certificate in 16 months.

Lower, ECCE: B1 Level users gain certificate in 6 months.

Advanced: B2 Level users gain certificate in 6 months.

Proficiency, ECPE: C1 Level users gain certificate in 8 months.

Proficiency, ECPE: Lower Level users gain certificate in 14 months

IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC: 4-8 week programs