Do you want to use English for work or study purposes?


If you are able to communicate using written and spoken English at an upper- intermediate level, then FCE is the examination for you.


Is FCE the exam for you?

  • Can you understand texts coming from a variety of sources?
  • Can you use English to make notes while someone is speaking in English?
  • Can you talk to people about a variety of subjects?


If this describes your current skills, or the level of skills you are working towards, then FCE is the right exam for you.


What will FCE offer to you?

  • A FCE certificate has lifelong validity.
  • It is an international certificate recognised around the world for business and study purposes.
  • FCE is recognised by thousands of companies, universities and public sector institutions as a qualification in upper-intermediate English.
  • FCE serves as an ideal pathway to examinations for higher qualifications, such as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Proficiency of English (CPE).



How can FCE help you?

FCE is set at Level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The framework uses 6 levels to describe language ability (from A1 to C2). At level B2 typical English users are able to:

  • understand the main ideas of complex texts
  • engage in a conversation on a wide range of topics, express opinions and present arguments
  • produce clear, detailed writing, expressing opinions and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different points of view.


What does FCE involve?

The FCE exam has 5 sections:


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Use of English
  • Listening
  • Speaking


Time of Exam


The exam can be taken in May and December.