The TOEFL Junior certificate is specially designed for middle school children (9-14 years old).


It is a well-designed and objective way of assessing knowledge of the English language and it is guaranteed to provide you and your child with trustworthy and valid information about its progress. More specifically, the TOEFL Junior exam consists of the following sections:


1) Listening Comprehension:  Assesses the ability of young students to understand spoken English. Total testing time: 35-40 minutes.

2) Language Form and Meaning: Assesses the acquired level of knowledge in grammar and vocabulary.  Total testing time: 25 minutes.

3 Reading Comprehension: Assesses the ability to comprehend t written English. Students are called to read a variety of texts and answer 42 questions. Total testing time: 50 minutes.


The final score is a sum of the scores achieved in all tree above sections and is expressed on a scale of 600-900 points.

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